Monthly Archives: August 2013

Dell’Anima (brunch)

I posted earlier about the deliciousness that is Dell’Anima’s dinner.  But, Dell’Anima is also home to one of the best brunches I’ve had in the city, or anywhere for that matter.  I try to keep this blog limited to a discussion about food, because most people don’t want to hear about my take on the […]

Garlic Pizza

I moved to Murray Hill a few months ago and, while no one likes moving, there are some aspects I thoroughly enjoy.  My favorite, of course, is exploring my new neighborhood, not for clothing stores or great bars, but for fabulous new food spots to frequent and enjoy.  We’ve already found a couple super-cute eateries […]


I have wonderful friends.  Somehow, at every stage in my educational career, I managed to make at least two amazing friends — people I speak to regularly and know I can depend on, even if they are a whole coast-line away.  My high school group is still very close (and the super-smart doctor of the […]

Torrisi Italian Specialties

My birthday is at the end of June, and, because of my incredible love for food, my boyfriend knew he needed to pick an amazing place.  He succeeded.  I’d wanted to go to Torrisi Italian Specialties for the past year and a half.  It’s very hard to get a reservation for a decent time (read: […]


I love trying new restaurants.  It is one of my favorite things in the world.  But, like anyone, I have my tried and true favorites.  The ones I keep going back to, take my friends and family when I want a guarantee to impress, have the menu memorized to the point that I can name […]


Many people go around NYC anxious to see a celebrity walking down the street.  While I admit that glimpsing Al Pacino would render me completely speechless, there are few others that would have the same effect.  I cannot say the same, however, when discussing chefs.  I met Harold Dieterle the first time I dined at […]


I am usually not a huge lunch/breakfast eater, preferring to save my appetite for a ridiculous meal at the end of the day.  (Usually consisting of some combination of S’MAC macaroni and cheese and ice cream). However, every once in a while I need something savory and satisfying to get me through my day.  Today […]