Kati roll stuffed with chicken tikka, eggs, spiced onions and addictive green sauce.

Kati roll stuffed with chicken tikka, eggs, spiced onions and addictive green sauce.

I am usually not a huge lunch/breakfast eater, preferring to save my appetite for a ridiculous meal at the end of the day.  (Usually consisting of some combination of S’MAC macaroni and cheese and ice cream). However, every once in a while I need something savory and satisfying to get me through my day.  Today was one such day.  I posted earlier about The Marrow and the Sicilian feast my boyfriend and I enjoyed there last night.  There was also a wine pairing — a pairing that I may have taken too much advantage of, leaving me slightly bleh some 15 hours later.  When that happens my desire for the early-afternoon munch generally makes an appearance, and it certainly did today.

I switched law firms about 6 months ago and managed to find myself working with a group of absolutely fantastic associates, one of whom introduced me to Roomali’s located at 27th and Lexington.  Roomali’s serves Indian Kati rolls.  A Kati roll is an Indian street food and consists of a buttery flatbread stuffed with basically anything you can think of.  After being introduced to Roomali’s, it quickly became one of my go-to spots.  It is also on my way home from work, and I will often swing by for dinner in a pinch.  I have tried a bunch of their rolls: their chicken tikka roll, pictured above (chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked in a clay over), their aloo channa roll (chickpeas and potato), and their aloo paneer roll (potato and indian cheese).  I prefer to pick-up Roomali’s rather than get it delivered, because the rolls are best piping hot.  The chicken tikka is my favorite.  The spices on the chicken go so well with the green sauce (I do not know what this is made of but need to find out) and the egg adds an extra element of flavor and texture that brings the dish together.  The veggie rolls mentioned above are good too, with a slight tip of the hat going to the aloo channa; I found the paneer somewhat lacking in flavor.  The kati rolls themselves are wonderful.  You can see the char-brown blisters covering the roll, and the butteriness of the roll combined with that char-flavor equal heaven at 1PM.  If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend stopping in.  The rolls also aren’t super-heavy, so having one won’t leave you feeling lethargic in the middle of the afternoon.


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